Circus Roses

Hi, my name is Katrina and I am the Admin Queen here at Ambience Floral Design & Gifts. Circus Roses are a personal favorite of mine. The bright yellow petals of bi-colored Circus Roses have a rich touch of red along the edges that make them simple stunning.  When I got married three years ago we came into Ambience Floral Design for our consultation with one thought in mind…..Circus Roses! They were a MUST for us, well not us, just me really. Ha! My now Husband was nice enough to let me handle the flowers for our big day! After meeting with Katie I was confident that she knew my vision for our celebration all while making Circus Roses our main attraction. We got married at a private venue in the middle of October here in Sacramento; our colors were red & orange. Katie & her entourage couldn’t have made our day any more special with their amazing touches. From the gorgeous flowers that were tied onto the arch, the lush centerpieces, to the rich bridesmaid’s bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages & of course my elegant bouquet were all more beautiful than I imagined.

For A Uniquely Intimate Day, Look No Further Than The Forest House Lodge.

As a floral vendor in the wedding and events industry, we have the privilege to travel to many beautiful locations and venues. It’s a truly pleasurable experience to discover the different benefits and beauty at each and every spot we get to contribute to! As you can see from the pictures below, our lovely couple Sarah and Nick fully enjoyed every moment of their experience at the Forest House Lodge…

Pic 14

The Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, CA is one of our all time favorite venues. They have a singular approach to your big day in that they serve every one of your needs inclusively. The lodge itself is full of individual details that lend to it’s classically, rustic feel and fit perfectly with its mountainous surroundings. You and your guests are able to arrive before the big day itself and stay until the following day as well. The ease and relaxation of being able to prepare, enjoy, and savor the wedding without having to worry about multiple locations or where out of town guests are going to stay is invaluable. It is a uniquely intimate experience that you can’t find anywhere else!

Pic 17

We also cannot say enough good things about the staff and services at the Forest House Lodge! They will guide you through every step of your wedding or event planning and the day itself. With a full bar and dining service, you get to benefit from a seamless transition throughout each milestone during the time leading up to, day of and the day after.


Finally, for your wedding, the ceremony site overlooks the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains. Your family and friends sit on comfortable chairs while you say your vows in front of a view that it absolutely breathtaking! But don’t just take our word for it…enjoy the lovely drive up to Foresthill and see the Forest House Lodge in person! Nothing else can do it justice.

Sarah Marion-Ellice Boone4


Cornflowers…take a look at these hot summer color combinations.

It’s hard to believe that half the year is already over!   But, we do love that summer is in full swing. Backyard barbeques, warm days at the lake, and of course…gorgeous brightly colored flowers everywhere!

One of our favorite summer blooms is the cornflower. Serving as the perfect contrast to green and yellow pastures, it also is a delightful addition to any summer bouquet or arrangement. While the cornflower does grow in white, pink, red, and purple, we prefer it in its most commonly known shade; cornflower blue!

Cornflower w Yellow

Summer is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the bright and beautiful. Here are some of our favorites: green spider mums, fuchsia stock, and orange pincushions together incorporate a variety of unique colors and textures coming together in sunny harmony with our friend the blue cornflower.


Cornflowers are long lasting even when cut. We love mixing them with the flowers shown above because of the bright contrast and the way they accentuate the various colors. Because they maintain their color so well, they are also quite lovely when dried. Whether flying solo in your scrapbook or serving as a pop of color in the vase on your dining table, the cornflower is a summer delight!

Cornflower with Poppy

Do you love peonies???

Peonies, Peonies, Peonies!!!

This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting ready

 to break my heart

 as the sun rises,

 as the sun strokes them with his old, buttery fingers

 and they open

 pools of lace,

 white and pink…

~Mary Oliver


As summer is now upon us, this poem reminded us of one of our favorite flowers of the season. The peony is a lovely bloom that comes in a wide selection of colors and shapes. From red, white, pink, yellow and coral and ranging from pale hues to bright and exuberant colors; variety makes the peony a highly sought after addition to any wedding. The size of the blooms can vary, but we have found that there is nothing more lovely than large white peonies in a bridal bouquet. They provide a fullness and dignity but also add a soft and gentle feel. Depending on your personal style, there are many different looks that you can achieve with this flower. One thing to bear in mind is that timing is everything when it comes to these gorgeous flowers! Mother Nature has allotted a sporadic availability throughout the year and peonies are at their peak right now. They can generally be offered from mid-April up until the end of June and there is a brief period when they can be imported around Christmastime.

red-charm-peony-2 sacramento-wedding-flowers-granite-bay-golf-club-bridesmaids

 In Greek mythology, legend has it that the peony came into existence when Zeus transformed the god’s physician Paeon into a beautiful flower to save him from the wrath of his teacher Asclepius who was going to murder him out of jealousy. We personally think that being turned into a flower may not have been the best solution but we’re still thanking the gods that we have these lovely flowers today!


By definition, the peony signifies “riches” and “honor”, the bloom is one of our favorite flowers to use in weddings. It symbolizes prosperity and good fortune and its full bloom adds an unequivocal richness to any bouquet or arrangement. We did a piece last week with some bright yellow peonies that so summed up the essence of summer that we couldn’t help but bring a spotlight to this lovely flower!


A Wilson Vineyards Wedding

We’re big fans of Sandra Wilson and the good people at Wilson Vineyards.   The property is gorgeous, the barn is fabulous, but the magic happens when Sandra Wilson choreographs all the details for her brides and grooms.  Her love of a good party, high standards for great service and her beautiful taste all create and unforgettable event for all of the guests at her property.   This is one of our recent weddings at Wilson Vineyards.  Thanks so much to Andrea’s Images for the beautiful photos.

sacramento wedding flowers purple

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It’s Homecoming Season

School is back in session which means that homecoming is right around the corner. We have a great time working with our high school clients every year. The students take great care in matching their corsages and boutonnieres to their fabulous formal attire. We enjoy adding fun embellishments to make each piece unique. There are… Continue Reading